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Industry Leader.

We're committed to producing the highest quality product along with unparalleled customer service. We strive to have the most innovative product line and to consistently improve our process through the implementation of the latest technology available.


Operational Excellence.

All aseptic manipulations at NexGen Compounding Pharmacy are performed in ISO 5 class hoods inside ISO 7 class cleanrooms supplied with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). Cleanrooms and laminar airflow hoods are certified every 6 months by an independent agency to ensure operational efficiency. Our Facility also meets all applicable meet USP 795 and 797 guidelines. All cleaning procedures are followed and documented.

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Quality Control.

Potency testing is performed by an independent FDA registered laboratory. Ingredients used in compounding procedures are determined to be stable, compatible, and appropriate for use, according to USP guidelines. Certificates of Analysis are received from manufacturers for ingredients used in compounded preparations. Tests are performed according to USP 797 guidelines and reviewed by our Pharmacist In Charge (PIC).